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Love Affairs With Fear

I haven’t written properly in a while.  Part of this was due to lack of motivation and a big bout of writer’s block, but part was also due to not having much time.  The reason for the lack of time … Continue reading

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Sharp Edges

I awake in my Inner Realms again, sweaty with the anticipation of the storm I feel brewing in the distant horizon.  In all honesty, I still fear inward tempests.  They put out such hostility sometimes.  But they come for reasons … Continue reading

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what i look for in a man

There has been a question people have asked me many times and I despise it, but feel overly pressured to answer it: What do you look for in a man? This question prompts me to roll my eyes and feel … Continue reading

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I Clearly Really Hate You

​Oh good. Underestimate me. So I can embarrass you. Not like that’ll take much… I’ve met some pricks in my time but you sir are a cactus well, maybe one of those miniature ones if you ran like your mouth … Continue reading

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Will o’ the Wisp

I feel like I’m adrift again, but this feeling is not new, nor will it ever be new – and I’ve a feeling it won’t grow old, either.  There are certain states I find myself in that are extremely confusing … Continue reading

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Within, Without

Sometimes my greatest problem is that I know myself too well.  I torture myself with my faults and break my own heart with my mistakes.  I look at the people who hurt me and wonder why the hell I still … Continue reading

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