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stifled psyche

uprooted again replanted as a knife’s edge elusive as ever retreating within again drowning myself buried to save me afraid of my own mind claws don’t retract don’t touch me you risk bleeding you risk my exploding not even seeds … Continue reading

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Love Affairs With Fear

I haven’t written properly in a while.  Part of this was due to lack of motivation and a big bout of writer’s block, but part was also due to not having much time.  The reason for the lack of time … Continue reading

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Relax, Baby! It’s Only Khaos!

Hey, hey, hey, I see you over there, stressing over the insanity the Universe has seen fit to send you.  It just keeps coming and coming, doesn’t it?  What’s a Witch to do?  Don’t wallow, take a tip from a … Continue reading

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On The Claw

Got a whole lot of things in my head whole lot of demons wishing me dead could you shut up for a little while you’re blending in with all things vile got a whole lot of wrong in my mind … Continue reading

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Sharp Edges

I awake in my Inner Realms again, sweaty with the anticipation of the storm I feel brewing in the distant horizon.  In all honesty, I still fear inward tempests.  They put out such hostility sometimes.  But they come for reasons … Continue reading

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do you think you can face my flames

You could never silence my voice. You do not have that kind of power. There is nothing in this world you could ever do to put fear in my heart. I suppose you thought I was beaten. Down in the … Continue reading

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what i look for in a man

There has been a question people have asked me many times and I despise it, but feel overly pressured to answer it: What do you look for in a man? This question prompts me to roll my eyes and feel … Continue reading

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