From my portable Book – Ego Problems

Note:  These types of entries are dashed down hurriedly as I am on the go.  Sometimes they don’t make much sense.  But they do come from deep intuition…  So here we go.


Ego must be put in check so that the soul’s voice can be heard clearly and so that the heart’s path can be seen and followed.  Heartsong is always drowned out by ego’s flamboyant symphony…  Because we are taught to ignore ourselves and love the material and believe in the false.  We forget that we are all individuals.  We try to blend in within the guises of society, but much of society is superficiality and lies.  We are all under the grave misunderstanding that if we simply put a pretty face on everything and everyone, no matter how terrible the deeds they have done or how awful the world is at any given moment, everything is just fine.  Mind control…  Thought control…  The media, the government…  With every move and every word, we lose our Selves in the mires of what we believe we want as told to us by the rest of the distracted, completely fucked up world.  If we all self-actualize and rise up, that illusion would be destroyed and the world would become a confused mess for a while, but then…  The possibilities are endless…  What we could do for the people who truly need it the most…  Right now, as it stands, we are all too afraid of commitment.  We must commit to mutual understanding and to loving the whole rather than individual petty concerns.  How we must look to outsiders…  Those we don’t see who watch us…  Our ancestors are ashamed of what has become of their progeny…  Until we realize that we are all connected to each other through our soul patterns, our soul DNA.  If we do not band together to save ourselves and our planet, we wwill all go down together, screaming, in flames.  Don’t think for a moment that ignoring this will help any situation.  We ignore it, we are doomed.  We must stop hiding behind hatred and superficiality.  We must stop ignoring the cries our Mother makes, before She dies.  We must take care of Her the way we used to, before politics and technology and toxic mind pollution distracted us from seeing the truth, the one right before our eyes.  We have to stop just sitting by while others kill our planet, and all of us.  We must awaken!


About Aesciane Shae-litha (Callalitha)

Just a Witch, trying not to be bored!
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