The Itchhh

Tonight is a rare night that due to exegent circumstances, I cannot attend a show.
I cannot tell you how itchy and cranky this makes me.  I went to a show last night.  I’m going to a show tomorrow night.  But I can’t go tonight, so I’m feeling super odd and off.  I’m occupying myself with reading and research for the paranormal case I’m currently working on, but it still doesn’t quite help me.  Rock n’ roll, live music, the electricity of the whole affair, that is what grounds me and charges me and makes me feel alive.  It also just feels weird to not be roadtripping.  I love the driving, I love to drive in the dark.  I love the stars and the moon guiding me back home after midnight and seeing how far I can drive until the city lights disappear.  Little spells I leave behind me sometimes, if I feel called to do so.  Every time I go, I feel another crack inside me fill with music and with gold, and I feel my inner beauty returning little by little.  I miss it so when I can’t go…


About Aesciane Shae-litha (Callalitha)

Just a Witch, trying not to be bored!
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