Call To Me

Call to me, music of the gods,
bringer of healing sound and rhythm fair
deepest of rivers thrum with your beat
as the rain adds to its depths
and a fresh layer of drumbeats beckon me
Call to me, muses of the gods,
beckon with stories old and new,
tell me many tales of romance and valiant courage
and vanquish that fear within me
so that I might reach deep within myself
and author the new generations of story and song
Call to me, voice of the gods,
as you root so deeply in the soil of the Universe
as you quiver beneath my feet in endless reams
I feel your resonance as it makes its way
inside of my soul, storms and all
I am grateful for your calm and for your calamity
Call to me, sight of the gods,
show me the things you hide from all others…
send me soaring above the spiderweb clouds
quest of vision awash in the auric space
allow me ample time to find my way…
guarantee my safe flight into the astral plane
the breath you gift to me felt keenly here…
Call to me, silence of the gods,
that I may hear your speech more keenly
and know the sounds of the mother intimiately
drop away the dross of the waketime world
hear nothing, see so very much better
in the gloaming of the dusky meadow
seeing only the glitter of the starlit moon
I see it in my dreams and silence pervades
within the circle in my astral grove…
Call to me, touch of the gods,
as the graze of your fingertips
reminds me to slow down and feel it all
and I’m grateful for the chance to rest
with divine hands resting as well
upon the bare skin of my shoulders
feel you in the sweet nighttime breeze
Call to me, soul of the gods,
your vibration begins to match my own now
resonating gold into the cracks of my heart
healing with the treasures of nature
warmth in the deepest of places
the hurt slowly leaves my heart
replaced by love for myself and all around me
Call to me, secrets of the gods
buried deep beneath Atlantis
in the cover of blackest night
your mysteries have beckoned me for years
I walk that sunken path, even broken
feeling the love of the earth
come up from the flats of my feet
reminding me of where my power originates
I am only borrowing it
I am a walking library book
I’ve been in the hands of too many
who do not appreciate my worth
but one day I will be returned
and loved.
Call to me, love of the gods
the heart of the Mother is mine as well
we are in step and in sync
and I feel you in each heartbeat
love swells in my heart
heals every broken heart and every hurt
and roots me in grounded soil.


About Aesciane Shae-litha (Callalitha)

Just a Witch, trying not to be bored!
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