The Illusion of Life and the Truth of It 

Two dark things undo me, untie me like a knot, destroy me:  Love and memory.  I held a black candle up to illuminate my own soul, and this it asked of me…  Burn me down, from the inside out, and let my darkness play.  True secrets frolic by night and hide themselves by day.  Debris from the starlight is found in hearts like mine.  Unbreakable, beautiful, and deadly comes the dark face of the moon.  In truth my heart carries its own delicate stain.  I sing along to devotional hymnal tune…  Am I wicked for my knowledge, damned for my desire?  I have seen true pleasure, and seen the sacred fire.  I have read the runes in earth, air, fire, water, soul.  I have walked with gods and relinquished all control.  I have faced fear upon fear and seen Chaos at play.  I have known my demon’s very souol and invited him to stay.  And I know well there shall be more demons to entertain, but they won’t make a single mark or leave a stain.  If a mark appears upon me, it shall be my own.  Only my own heartbreak can cause my soul to groan.  And still yet primal desire lights my way with the lustful fire.  Deep in my bones only a quiet pulse of red.  Without such colors or such depth, we may all just as well be dead.  I am grateful even for the pain, I rise above it still.  Yet in the throes of hell I moan as long as I climb up its hill.  Human we are, and human we remain.  We are built to love and suffer in beauty and in pain.  I am human, I am mortal, I am always poised in self-destruction; I am student, teacher, priestess, healer, to give and receive instruction.  Writer of truths, seer of flame…  I silence my own demon’s name…  The voice within holds its tongues and reminds me to use my lungs.  A deep breath in, a deep breath out, and I am calm again.  A glance within, a glance without, and a slow count to ten.  And now the trance begins.  And now the dance begins.  Spiral inward, spiral outward.  Nothing wicked, nothing gained.


About Aesciane Shae-litha (Callalitha)

Just a Witch, trying not to be bored!
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